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    • nice guide! will send you images next time i do a clue which you haven't got here 🙂
    • Update Log Bug Fixes Meteorite and some other osrs models now properly load Interfaces have been re-enabled (::viewprofile, ::changepass, etc) Referral system has been added in preparation for the upcoming advertisements Dragon axe can now be used in wildy resource area Bank noting guy at resource area properly added Security NPC added to edge to give advice on  how to keep your account secure Fire in the wildy resource area can now be used as a cooking range
    • CLUE SCROLL GUIDE To find the clue you're looking for, just search with ctrl+f.   Disclaimer: This guide is a communal work-in-progress. If you'd like to contribute, please provide the appropriate picture with the exact clue description in the comments below. Thank you!           Easy Clue Scroll   Clue 1 : Find the Holy Statue in Falador! Face the Statue, and bow from the east! SOLUTION : Teleport to Falador, you will see the Statue North. Stand next to it and use the ‘ bow ‘ emote.                                   Clue 2 : Face the Statue of Guthix, and bow before its power! SOLUTION : Teleport to ::mb, step-into the sparkling pool. Run North to the middle Statue, face it and use the ‘ bow ‘ emote.                   Clue 3 : Mozart…. Beethoven.. YOU?!? Play the Organ at the Lumbridge Church! Wear some Fancy Boots while you’re at it! SOLUTION : Teleport to Lumbridge, run East and you should see Church with the Organ. Spawn ::item 9005 1, wear them and click on the Organ to play it.                    Clue 4 : The Ghost of Farmer is hungry… offer him some chicken with the Amulet of Ghostspeak equipped! SOLUTION : Teleport to ::home. Spawn the following : ::item 552 1 , ::item 2140 1. Wear the Amulet and use your cooked chicken on The Ghost of Farmer.                 Clue 5 : Do the Jig in front of the red skull, left of the white portal at the home location! SOLUTION : Go to ::home and you will see 4 portal on your West side. Every portal has on their left side a red skull, face the red skull of the white portal and use the ‘ jig ’ emote.                      Clue 6 : Make a mockery of Death! Dance in front of the terrifying Grim Reaper! SOLUTION : ::item 1456 1, right click it and press locate. Stand infront of the Grim Reaper and use the ‘ dance ’ emote.                       Medium Clue Scroll   Clue 1 : Dig at the South-most part of the Island of Chance. A furry friend will help indicate where. SOLUTION : Spawn ::item 952 1, teleport to ::dicing and run South to the Statue of the furry friend. Stand on the South side of the statue and dig with your spade.                                                                     Clue 2 : You decide to take a walk in Nature, and clear your head… You get a bit sleepy… Yawn above the West-most mushroom clump. SOLUTION :  Spawn ::item 1462 1, right click on it and press locate. Walk West and stand next to the most West mushroom. When you’ve done that use the ‘ yawn ‘ emote.                               Clue 3 : You lost some things while digging up bones in the wild… dig at the charred bones just North of the 13s room! SOLUTION :  Spawn ::item 952 1 and teleport to ::13s ( make sure you have ancient spellbook equipped ). Walk North to the charred bones, stand on them and use your spade to dig. ( WARNING THIS LOCATION IS FOUND IN WILDY )                              Clue 4 : Stand under the Red Dragon’s head in the Mansion, found West of the square. You can’t help but feel a sense of panic at the remains of the once powerful beast… SOLUTION : Teleport to Varrock. Walk East past the big bank and you will see a mansion with 2 Dragon’s head. Stand under the red one and use the ‘ panic ‘ emote.                                                      Clue 5 : Dig at the South-Eastern corner of the Obelisk, located North of the Multipk teleport. SOLUTION : Spawn ::item 952 1, go to ::multipk and run North. You should instantly see a obelisk. Stand on the South-Eastern corner of the obelisk and use your spade to dig. ( WARNING THIS LOCATION IS FOUND IN WILDY )                              Clue 6 : You’ve lost too many stakes at the Duel Arena. Desecrate the prayer room by blowing out the candles in the North-West corner! SOLUTION : Teleport to the duel arena ( minigames section ). When you go inside past the Surgeon you should see a room with a altar. In the North-West corner stands a candle, face it and use the ‘ raspberry ‘ emote.                                Clue 7 : You’ve lost a dear friend. Cry just North of his coffin at Edgeville SOLUTION : Teleport to ::home and walk south ( old death spawn location ). You should see 4 coffins in a room and 1 separate coffin. Stand north of the coffin and use the ‘ cry ‘ emote.                              
    • Hey @Prince, FYI we also have easily-accessible overloads for your PKing convenience.
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