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  1. Update Log Bug Fixes Meteorite and some other osrs models now properly load Interfaces have been re-enabled (::viewprofile, ::changepass, etc) Referral system has been added in preparation for the upcoming advertisements Dragon axe can now be used in wildy resource area Bank noting guy at resource area properly added Security NPC added to edge to give advice on how to keep your account secure Fire in the wildy resource area can now be used as a cooking range
  2. Some few promotions over the past while 🙂 @Legoeiland4 has been promoted to Trial Helper @Jinx has re-joined the team as a Helper @Dsisback has been promoted to Moderator @Omniscient has been promoted to Forum Manager, and will assist in the forums @Suuri has been promoted to Community Manager.
  3. Update Log Client Changes Most interfaces have been re-enabled temporarily while we investigate the issues surrounding client issues. We've done an extensive cache change that we believe will fix any and all issues surrounding the issues. If you have any sort of client errors, PLEASE report them to us, and we will do our best to fix them. Some models have been fixed Misc Vorkath now drops hard clue scrolls New global announcement for when a player votes Strength bonus of the Slayer Helmet and the Full Slayer Helmet has been reduced to +4 ::pc command now takes you to pest control Only Vesta (deg) item drops will show on yell from Revenants A man has been added to ::home, as well as to Falador Square for thieving training Message has been added telling new players who haven't started the Beginners Quest to do so NPC has been added to the resource zone, allowing you to note your items on him - please note that currently only ROCKTAILS can be noted, but this can be extended (ONLY to the resources obtained in the wilderness zone). Rocktail fishing experience has been increased by 50%. Adze will now announce on discord when the server boost from voting begins.
  4. Hey mate, we're planning on adding these soon 🙂 Thanks!
  5. Update Log Server Boost Event! Every time someone votes, it will add towards the Server Boost Counter! When the counter hits 15 counts, x2 Blood Money, x2 EXP, and x2 drops will be enabled for 1/2 hour. This will not stack with other events of the same kind, e.g. if a Double BM event is active you will not get x4 BM. Nor will XP stack with xp lamps, or bonus xp. Your vote will only count towards the 15 requirement when you vote once/12h (so you can't spam it by voting once per site) Misc Duel Arena bug has been fixed Ancient Tree achievement bug fixed Bandit camp achievement bug fixed Fixed global drop announcement issue Fixed some object issues outside the Pirate Hideout Fixed an issue with placebounty and achievements
  6. Update Log Achievements! Achievements have landed in Pylos. There are 4 categories; Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite. Every achievement will give you a different reward! You can find a full guide on our wiki here. Pk Bots For new players looking for some practice/when the playercount is a bit low, we've added Pk Bots! They will be equipped in dharoks and will have a random spec weapon. Players have a small chance of smiting the spec weapon that the bot chooses to use. They will also drop blood money every time. Fighting and dying/killing the NPC will have the same effect as dying to a player in regards to skulling/loss of items. Wilderness Updates We've converted our wilderness to loading OSRS maps. This means that the maps look a lot cleaner, are a lot more functional, and have a lot more content. Included in this is; Wildy Resource Area - you can enter the wildy resource area for a fee of 2,500. You can use the lever just south of the home teleport to get there. Inside, all skills are x2 exp. There is now mining outside mage bank as well, if you do not wish to enter the resource area. You can also find Runite rocks at the Ice Strykewryms. Misc Updates (a lot) Clue bosses have been reworked, should no longer run away/permanently bug out and despawn. Fixed a bug where not all the greater demons would count towards slayer task. A bug with charm duping has been fixed. Fixed issue with rocktails/anglerfish. Anti-venom now gives poison immunity for 12 minutes, 45 seconds venom immunity. Some server messages have been fixed. Herbs are non-stackable. We didn't like how herblore was able to be autoclicked. Anti-venoms are now combineable. Removed tree stump at multipk that made you un-attackable. Rune pouch can now store soul runes. Fixed some clan chat issues, namely you cannot ban yourself from your own clan chat anymore. PvP task streaks have been re-written. Now, every 3rd task you complete you will get an extra reward. The only way to lose a task streak is if you manually reset your task. The new players quest has been re-written a bit to make it easier to understand/complete. Gates/doors have been rewritten, and can now be redone much more efficiently. We think we've changed most of them, but if you find a buggy door please report it to a staff member. The command ::tbrunes has been added to spawn teleblock runes. KBD Ladder, Mage Bank stairs have been redone so that they work better. Clipping in the new OSRS maps has been redone. Achievement Tab has been added + scroll length changed. Edgeville has been changed again to make it look better. The Altar of Infusion is now located East of the bank. Re-wrote a load of achievements to make them more fresh. Cooking bug has been fixed regarding burnt fish. Chaos Ele drop table has been slightly tweaked - the pet is a lot more rare, and PvP drops (Morrigans Javs/Axes) are a lot more common. Bandos is now 1 vote point per piece instead of 20. Magic fang is now tradeable. Wilderness Agility course has been redone, along with a lot of dungeon obstacles/objects. New timer sprites will now show timers for things like vengeance, freeze, teleblock, with more being added soon. The Fountain of Rune has been updated to show the proper animation - still working on the texture. Webs have been redone and fixed. Rocktail fishing has been added to the resource area - it is still in the other location, but a "Noted" NPC will soon appear in the resource area, making that the best location for the skilling. Fixed bugs with the wildy events objects Fixed a bug with the duel arena Some animations have been changed so that they look better/match OSRS Ankous and Hobgoblins have been added to the wildy to match OSRS Noted overloads will now be dropped by bosses. Several player emotes including Skillcape emotes have been added. Dungeon maps have been redone (Brimhaven, Taverly, etc) Fixed ad updated some clue scroll coordinates to reflect the new map changes. Vote counter has been fixed. New players quest has had a lot of work done to ensure that progress is saved properly. Ardy lever to the resource area now works, but there is one at edgeville for convenience. Tournament room added to edge, along with tournament portal - more on this later. ::nitem has been added, as a shortcut to ::nameitem Several NPC animations have been fixed Vesta/Stat price has been adjusted. The drop rate has now been reduced at revs. We wanted to make vesta/stat more valuable than it currently is. A lot of spawning keywords have been added. Manta ray drops from bosses have been reduced, and now appear below other drops - should no longer have to go digging for your loot. Hellhounds added to outside wilderness resource area. An Honour Cape has been added to the Honour shop. It costs a lot of honour points, and has the same stats as max cape. Max Cape ELO requirement raised to 1600.
  7. sean

    Welcome to Pylos!

    Hello, and welcome to Pylos! This thread will serve as a starter guide - you can find several guides and tutorials here. Let's begin! What is Pylos? Pylos is a Spawn/Economy server. This means that while most items are spawnable, we have a lot of content that is unspawnable and thus has value. As it is a Pking server, most of our content is focused around the Wilderness, and Edgeville in particular. With item presets, you can be geared and ready to PK in your favourite gear in just seconds! While we are a Pking server, we have plenty of other content; with 22 other skills, and tons of bosses, there is content for everyone. We have a fully working OSRS loaded wilderness while loading higher revision, unique graphics. On Pylos, we have 3 main currencies - Pk Tickets, Donator Points, and Blood Money. Pk Tickets are linked to Pk Points, which you will receive from skilling, pking, and pvming. Donator points are linked to the donator shop, and can be obtained via donating or pvming (or pking someone with donator items). Blood Money is only linked to the Wilderness, and can be obtained via Pking, PvP Tasks, or by participating in the Wilderness Events! We have a great quest for new players to complete and get upgraded PvP gear - simply watch the video below for a guide, from Account Creation all the way to the end of the quest! How can I make money? There are several money making methods on Pylos! By doing Wilderness Events to collect Blood Money, Pking and grabbing some loot, PvM for a chance at a good drop, grinding out Clue Scrolls, or even finishing the Achievement journal to name a few! Of course we also have a fully working duel arena, and our own dicing system! Let's break down the methods now! VOTING/CLUE SCROLLS! On Pylos, clue scrolls are probably the easiest way for new players to gain money, as they are free to obtain (by just doing ::vote!) We also sell clue scrolls in the vote shop. This is probably the easiest way that new players can make money, since voting is free. Simply type ::vote in-game to begin! When you claim your vote in-game (once every 12h), you automatically get a chance to win a clue scroll! There is a 50% chance of it being an Easy scroll, 30% chance of it being a Medium scroll, a 15% of it being a Hard scroll, and a 5% chance of it being an Elite scroll! The Vote Shop is located at ::home! As the only way to obtain elite clue scrolls are via voting, the vote scrolls themselves are in high demand! You can sell them to other players very easily! Wilderness Events! On Pylos, every hour we have a different server event. There are 3 wilderness events, and then either a PvM event or a Pking event. There are 4 types of wilderness events; Imp Clusters, Ancient Tree, Meteorite, and Bandit Camp. The Imp Cluster event spawns in a cluster of imps, and a global message is sent out, alerting everyone on the server a hint at their location. While you won't directly receive Blood Money from catching the imps, it is a great place to go Pk! The Ancient Tree will spawn a tree somewhere in the wilderness! You'll need 92 Woodcutting to chop it down, so before you go make sure to check out the Wiki Guide for Woodcutting here! When you chop the tree, you'll receive Ancient Logs, which you can Right Click > Use on Blood Money Shop at ::home in exchange for BM. WARNING! If you die with the logs, most likely you will lose them, as they do not have a high protect item value! The Meteorite will crash land at several locations in the wilderness. You need 92 Mining to mine it, so make sure to check out the Wiki Guide for Mining here! Mining the Meteorite will give you stardust, which like Ancient Logs, can be traded for BM at the Blood Money Shop at ::home. As with the logs, if you die with the stardust you will lose it. The bandits will make camp at a random location in the wilderness, and a Bandit Camp will appear! You need 92 thieving to steal from their stalls, so make sure to check out the Wiki Guide for Thieving Here! You will steal Blood Diamonds from them, which can be converted into BM at the Blood Money shop. Additionally, you have a chance to steal PvP keys, which can be used on the PvP Chest at ::home! The wilderness events are a great place for newer players to start collecting some Blood Money, or even to go there as a Pker and kill some people! PvM! On Pylos, we have several OSRS/RS bosses, including Zulrah, Vorkath, Corporeal Beast, Tormented Demons, etc. You can view a full Corporeal Beast guide here, made by Suuri! PvM events mean that when active, the boss mentioned in the Event tab will have x2 drop rates! You can receive Donator Points from certain bosses! As well, rev caves are a great way to get some upgraded PvP gear for newer players! Achievements! By completing the achievement diary, not only will you be progressing in other parts of the game, but you will also earn rewards! You can check out the rewards by looking at the Achievement Wiki here! You can also find full guides for each achievement by clicking on the individual achievement! PvP! While Pking in itself isn't a guaranteed method of making money, you can do something else - PvP Tasks! On Pylos, our PvP Task Master is located at the wilderness border at Edgeville. By talking to him, he will give you a PvP task; either killing edgeville pkers, hybrids, deep wildy pkers, or your Bounty Hunter targets (make sure to have Bounty Hunter enabled!). When you finish a task, a PvP key will be dropped! You can use this key on the chest at ::home By completing PvP tasks, you will begin your task streak. For every 3rd task you complete in a row, you will get an extra PvP key! If you choose to reset your task, your task streak will also be reset (and it will cost you 2,500 BM - you can talk to the PvP Task Master if you want to reset your streak!) We also have Pk Bots! We've made them quite difficult - so only fight one if you're confident! You have a solid chance of smiting whatever randomly spawned spec weapon they're using (vls, ags, etc), so it can be a money making method, but it is not really reliable. Skilling! Certain skills will give you an opportunity to make money, e.g. looting jars from Hunter has a chance at super rare items! Additionally, leveling up in skills will give you Donator Points! How do I spawn items? As previously mentioned, we're a spawn-eco server! This means that you can spawn most items. There are two options; one using our spawn interface, and the other with our item command! To open the Spawn interface, simply type ::spawn! You can then search for an item, edit the amount, and spawn it in. If that does not work, you can go to http://www.itemdb.biz/ , search for an Item code, then type "::item (code) (amount)" in-game. If you're a newer player and looking for a quick-gear for Edge pking, head to the Blue Quest Tab, navigate to the Green minitab, scroll down and select Dharok from the pking gear. Week 1 - Off to the Races We have two categories - one is for new players (Accounts created ON June 1st or after), and one for ALL players to participate New Player Challenges 1. Max Cape - the first new player to get the Max Cape will receive $50 in donator scrolls, the second gets $20 scroll and the third gets dragon claws 2. 100 Kill Count - the first new player to get 100 kills will receive a Nex set set of their choice 3. Blood Money - the first new player to collect 100k blood money will receive a $20 donator scroll 4. Clue Hunter - the first person to complete 5 elite clue scrolls will receive dragon claws All Player Challenges 1. Easy Achievement Hunter - the first person to complete all Easy achievements will receive a $10 donator scroll 2. Medium Achievement Hunter - the first person to complete all Medium achievements will receive a $20 donator scroll 3. Hard Achievement Hunter - the first player to complete all Hard achievements will receive a $50 donator scroll 4. Elite Achievement Hunter - the first player to complete all Elite achievements will receive a $100 donator scroll 5. Top Voter - top voter at the end of June will receive a $50 donator scroll, the second voter will get $20 and the third voter will get dragon claws
  8. Misc Updates Pkt collector has been added to the slayer shop. You can purchase the pkt collector for 100 slayer points. The ::zombies teleport has been removed. Now, you must go to the KBD lair teleport if you wish to kill them. We felt that it was too easy to bypass any potential pking traffic at KBD, and made the risk at zombies quite low. Nex helms are now tradeable, no longer have an elo requirement. Fixed some issues with Honor Boxes and items. Removed Divine spirit shield from the mystery box. Some administrative commands have been re-written.
  9. Weapon Changes Ancient staff (+15 accuracy, no str, new standard spawnable staff instead of master wand) Master wand (lower to +19 accuracy from +20, increased to 6% mage damage and has replaced the SOL in pkp shop, barrelchest and is unspawnable) Zuriel's staff (increase to +21 accuracy from +18, mage bonus 9%) Chaotic staff (increase to +23 accuracy from +18, decrease mage str to 12% from 20%) Cele staff (increase to +24 accuracy from +20, increase mage str to 13% from 10%) Staff of the dead (increase to +27 accuracy from +23, increase mage str to 16% from 15%) Staff of light (increase to +29 accuracy from +17, increase mage str to 16% from 15% and HAS BEEN PLACED IN VOTE SHOP FOR 200 VOTE POINTS) Toxic staff of the dead (increase to +31 accuracy from +28, decrease mage str to 16% from 20%) Penguin staff (increase to +35 accuracy from +33, decrease mage str to 21% from 24%, remove freeze increase, HAS BEEN PLACED IN BM SHOP FOR 1.5M BM) Sacred clay staff (keep +40 accuracy, decrease mage str to 20% from 25%) The dragon staff's magic damage versus players has been nerfed to 17% from 24%. Stab weapons now also have an 37.5% accuracy boost, while spears have a 100% accuracy boost versus corp. The damage boost for spears on corp has been slightly increased. Spears should now be a good option for doing corp. Vesta's Spear and Promethium Spear have had a +4/+3 strength boost (respectively). Primal dagger (p++) has been buffed. VLS price is now 5k PKT in the Shop VLS/VLS (deg) are now more rare to get from revs, pvp chest, pk mbox, etc and will be removed from player inventories/pkp refunded Vesta (deg) platelegs can now also be received from revs. The top 3 PvM weapons have been heavily rebalanced and fixed. The scythe will now properly have 100% potential damage on first hit, 50% of max on second, and 25% on third, lowering its max damage, but with increased accuracy to balance it. The corpsethorn bow has undergone minor changes, and the dragon staff has been nerfed as it was the strongest of the 3, which it was never meant to be. Nex Helms have been removed from honor shop and been re-added to the Donator Store (honor points will be semi-refunded to reflect that they're untradeable, and that multiples in groups of 5+ are basically useless) Spirit shields have been tweaked balance-wise, prices have been increased and the drop rates reduced. We saw that too many people were camping divine in deep wild, which was quite easy to obtain before. Now, if a player chooses to Pk with a divine, they are risking quite a bit more. Zanik's Bow has been nerfed regarding how much special it uses for its attack (now takes 55% spec). It's max damage has been slightly reduced for its spec and the spec accuracy has been lowered. Its regular max hit has also been slightly lowered. It's price in the BM store has also been reduced to 310k. Dragon Hunter Crossbow and FSH damage bonuses have been re-done so that the max hit won't go over 1000 during ruby bolt specs. The dragon hunter crossbow has had its accuracy increased by 5. Farseer has had its effects removed. Magic Staffs (Master Wand, SOL, etc) have undergone major changes. The SOL is now an expensive item in the Vote Shop, while the Master Wand is a cheaper item (now unspawnable, but with proper bonuses) in the Pk Shop. PvP Task Streaks PvP Task streaks are here! Every 3rd task you complete in a row (3rd, 6th, 9th, etc) will grant you an extra PvP key. Starting at 15 task streak, every task you complete will give you a chance at a high-tier loot table (claws, ags, korasi, hard clues) If you die ANYWHERE (except to an NPC of course) while you have a task assigned, you will LOSE your streak. You can check your task streak by talking to the pvp task master at edgeville Clue Scroll Changes We felt that elite clues were too easy given the good reward possibilities. From now on, some elite clues will spawn a boss that you must kill before you get your next step/the prize. Additionally, there have been changes to the requirements for a few clues to reflect their "Elite" status (e.g. skill requirements). Clue scroll droptables have been changed regarding spirit shields to reflect the changes, as shown above. Misc Changes Chaos ele added to boss event KBD event now takes you to outside gate, instead of directly inside the lair - this means that there will be a small window of risk for anyone who wants to go to the KBD event in max gear Added a Double BM event that will circulate with the other events - when this is active, you will receive double bm anywhere in wild, but the teleport will take you to edgeville Removed OSPK/PurePk events as they were basically useless Venom now works the same way as in OSRS. You can get 10 noted anti-venom potions from Zulrah. You can now mine the meteorite/chop the ancient tree without an extra free slot in inventory Spiderwebs are now global objects (e.g. if Player A cuts, Player B will see they are cut) - they will now last for 5 minutes slashed PvP key, Ancient Logs, Blood Diamonds, Stardust will not be protected over anything - they're effectively autolose in large quantities The amount of pk points you get per kill has been slightly buffed (base 10 --> base 12) Fixed typos within the code Gmaul imbue kit now costs 25 vote points to reflect the fact that you use 2x spec's per gmaul use, and thus it drains twice as fast. Skill Bonuses for Donator ranks have been adjusted, Donators - 1.00% (previously) --> 1.03% Super Donators - 1.03% (previously) --> 1.06% Extreme Donators - 1.06% (previously) --> 1.09% Legendary Donators - 1.09% (previously) --> 1.12% Upgrading to legendary rank now automatically gives you untradeable cosmetic gear in your bank - CURRENT LEGENDARY DONATORS, DM A STAFF MEMBER TO GET YOUR SET Baby mole pet has been added to Giant Moles (its only drop for now - more will be added soon, as soon as we implement the base content) Spec Pots/PvP Chance from Wildy Event Bandit Camp Stall has been lowered to 10%/1%, respectively. The amount of spec pots has also been reduced (1-3 to 1-2). ::nameitem been fixed so that it shows newer items (most helpful for devs) Night-Gazer has been fixed and re-added to the Wilderness Boss spawns. The ::empty warning removal option will now also empty the inventory as well (and the message was changed to reflect that) An issue regarding dragon bolt (e) specs has been fixed.
  10. To kick off the forums, we're starting a forum lottery. Rules: You cannot double post (but you can enter more than once). You cannot put multiple numbers in the same post You cannot create more than 1 account. The lottery will be randomly generated and a winner will be picked. The number range is between 1 and 1000. If you don't read the thread and pic someone else' number, the person who put the number first will win the prize. The winner will receive a $20 Donation Scroll in 1 weeks time.
  11. New website! As you can see, we have migrated to a new website, pylos.io. Along with this come new forums (https://pylos.io/forums/), hiscores (https://pylos.io/hiscores/) and donation store (https://pylos.io/store/). If you would like your old forums account recovered, please contact Omniscient (mythic#5888) or Sean (storm#9999) on discord. Wildy Events Wildy events will now start automatically every 1 hour. They will not interfere with regular server minigames (KBD event, corp event, etc). There are 4 types of wildy events, which each can occur randomly at 4 separate locations. They will each last for 10 minutes before automatically despawning. The events are; Ancient Tree An ancient, powerful tree is spawned randomly at 4 set locations in the wilderness. You need 92 woodcutting to cut the tree. It is the best Woodcutting experience in-game. The Ancient Tree Logs are stackable, and can be sold to the BM Shop for 50 BM per log. Alternatively, they can be used for Firemaking. You need 92 firemaking, and they are the best Firemaking exp in-game. When cutting, you have a small chance of finding a Bird's Nest, which will give you a Hard/Elite clue scroll. Additionally, you have a higher chance of receiving the woodcutting pet (Beaver) from chopping the tree. Meteorite A meteorite has crash landed in Pylos! You'll need 92 Mining to mine the rock, and you'll be rewarded with Stardust. It is the best Mining xp in-game. You can sell the Stardust to the BM shop for 25 BM per Stardust. Bandit Camp The bandits have made camp somewhere in the wilderness! You'll need 92 Thieving to steal from their stalls, and you better kill them first! It is the best thieving/hour exp in-game. You'll be rewarded with Blood Diamonds, which can be swapped for BM at the BM store for 15 BM per diamond. Additionally, you have a higher chance of receiving the Thieving pet (Raccoon) from stealing from these stalls. Imp Cluster A cluster of imps has been spotted! Imps of all levels (Baby -> Kingly) will spawn at several locations. They will be on the move! They will all move as a cluster to several locations - specifically, more dangerous ones (deeper wildy, multi zones)... so get there quick! (to sell to BM store, simply use the item on Mandrith) Other Changes You can now fish rocktails in the Wilderness, North-East of the Mid Wilderness teleport. They require 92 fishing to catch, and you can catch them with a simple rod/bait. You can now cook said rocktails. You need 92 cooking to cook them. They are the best fishing/cooking experience in-game. Rocktails have been removed from the Pkp Shop and replaced with Anglerfish. Rocktails will be replaced in your banks/inventories/item pre-sets with Anglerfish. Anglerfish have been added! We've changed the go-to food to Anglers so that we can add the extra element of rocktail healing. Anglerfish will heal 23 hp, and Rocktails will heal 24. Clue Scroll drop tables have been reworked so that items that should be more rare are. Zulrah Items make your opponent poisoned/venomed Zulrah now drops magic fangs! You can use it on staff of the dead to make a toxic staff of the dead. Zulrah items can now be uncharged. Duel Arena now has a preload option Added anti-scam system to Duel arena You will now see your opponents equpiment on the first duel screen. His inventory will be shown during the second, confirmation screen at the duel arena. You will no longer be able to follow people while in the duel arena. Issues related to not being able to catch imps sometimes should be fixed.
  12. sean

    Update 20/4/2020

    Just some fixes/tweaks today; Clue scrolls that were made impossible due to recent changes have now been re-written and re-added Made some fixes to the discord bot Bounties - bounties are now saved on logout, and will stack. To place another bounty it still must be higher than the old, but now it will combine as opposed to over-writing. You will not lose the bounty placed on you if you logout Fixed some anti-cheat methods for clue scrolls
  13. sean

    Media Reward Program

    Hello gamers, Today we are launching our Media Reward program. As you can see below, we have had a HQ trailer made for Pylos. We are offering an incentive for community members to download and upload the trailer onto your channels. Members who do this will receive 500 DP in-game as a reward. If you do so, please reply below with the following information: In-Game Username: Link to Channel: If you delete the video soon after, you will have the DP removed and punishments may be given out. This program is launched in association with several other ventures to bring players to the server. We, the Pylos staff team, wanted to say thank you for your continuous support. You can view the trailer here: You can download the trailer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CYuNhgj3EzeiPKwW-56dIdsjJEYFdNIG/view?usp=sharing
  14. INVITE COMPETITION: Until June 30th, we'll be rewarding people for their Discord invitations. We hope to see everyone earn a prize while cultivating a stronger community here at Pylos! Rules: NO BOTS NO ALTS NO POSTING PYLOS INVITE LINK IN OTHER RSPS DISCORDS All qualifiers will receive their winnings at the end of the competition: TOP 10 PLACEMENTS WILL WIN BIG! 1: 200M OSRS GP or $120 in DONATOR SCROLLS 2: 100M OSRS GP or $60 in DONATOR SCROLLS 3: 50M OSRS GP or $30 in DONATOR SCROLLS For real-time updates, check #invitations and use commands !leaderboard & !invites @user. GOOD LUCK! ~ Pylos team
  15. Template: Rank(s) you are requesting: Picture of proof (show yourself in-game with that rank, or show a pic that shows you fit the criteria): Ranks you can request: YouTuber - Must have the YouTuber rank in-game, granted by an Administrator+. Legendary Donator - Donate $250 and have legendary donator rank in-game. You can also request your own custom name image here, by linking an image such as the following: It will look like this: https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/8b47410f21fcc3abd7d2b1a95e96fea0-png.jpg This is only available for Legendary Donators+ (or special exceptions, but they will not need to request it). Image must match the sample image in height (roughly), length cannot be too long. Extreme Donator - Donate $100 and have the extreme donator rank in-game. Super Donator - Donate $50 and have the super donator rank in-game. Donator - Donate $20 and have the donator rank in-game. Bug Finder - Submit at least 3 bug report threads. Please link the threads. Completionist - Have the completionist cape in-game. Maxed - Have the max cape in-game. Pro Pker - Have an ELO of 1800+ in-game.
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