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  1. New Interfaces! The Quest tab has been revamped to fit the spawn tab and fix issues with other gameframes. Spawn tab has been visually updated. Some sets have been removed, but if you feel like a set is missing feel free to contact staff. Rank selection tab has been added. All ranks will have a description on how to unlock them. Updated the settings interface. . The equipment tab has been updated. We have changed the settings tab with a new Event tab! Clue Scroll fixes New drops has been added to the droptables! More information about this will be posted on the wiki. Patched a bug with clue scroll caskets. Announcements for drops has been lowered to not spam the chat. PvP Chest Reward Changes A few changes have been done to the PvP Chest reward table. You won't get any more useless items (Bh Teleports, etc) and will now get better items on average. Misc fixes and updates Duel Arena has been improved. Imps will no longer move from 1 country to the moon without stopping. Revenants now drop ashes instead of bones. (best update right here) Pathfinding has been improved for NPC's. A bug with clue scrolls has been patched. Drop rate announcements for Adze has been adjusted for certain items and will keep being updated. Buy ''X'' has been added as an option in shops. Fixed ranks not updating on your screen when switching between them. Your player will no longer move when using the Revenant Pillar shortcut causing you to get stuck in walls. Vengeance now works on NPCS! The run toggle has been fixed. NPC's will now move back to their "home" if they go further than a certain range. Issue with shift dropping being stuck on the drop option has been fixed. If you PM a offline player you will now get a message in your chatbox. Perks Lady will now display the correct information regarding Veng Timer Perk. Revenant Cave southern pillar obstacle now requires 89 Agility to match OSRS. You can no longer go through Scorpia's caves or Revenant cave entrances while frozen.
  2. We are expanding our update of yesterday with more pk-focused tweaks! Fixes/tweaks/minor additions Blood money should now display correctly above 10k. Fixed the Scythe animation no more weird looking feet. Fixed the Scythe GFX. Other people can now also see the GFX. Added the new donator zones to the tutorial. OSRS switching has been added! When making an account you now have the option to choose between the OSRS tick system or the good old Instant Switch. The command "::ticks" has been added to switch between the two.
  3. These are the updates of 18 February 2020: Tweaks and Fixes! The toggles have been polished up. Fixed a glitch with the max hit dummy. Hiscores now show 0 xp for combat skills Added screenshots shortcut back in! (ctrl + s) Fixed bug causing task amount to go to -1 in duo slayer Players will now drop the value of their lost untradeables on death (in pkt) Changed color and format of loot messages Added a guide that provides information about fight pits minigame at ::fightpits Killing someone who loses a Light Armadyl Godsword now drops an AGS, whereas the G Maul (i) will drop a pkt reward Fixed an issue with the sagittarian coif Examines now show the % chance to lose untradeable items ::spawn interface now shows pictures of items next to them Added an occult altar which provides the options to do all 3 spellbook switches: The superior locator has been renamed to wilderness boss locator Fixed Black Dragon Kiteshield randomly turning into the Red Dragon Kiteshield sprite. New Content! The Wilderness Wyrm has been released! What are these new wyrms? The Wilderness Wyrm acts just like the current wilderness bosses, but has a respawn time of 10 minutes after each kill. The spawn locations are different each time! What do these wyrms drop? The boss currently drops the following: - Abyssal Vine Whip (more about this below) - Flameburst Defender - Farseer Kiteshield - Eagle-Eye Kiteshield - 80 to 110 PvM tokens Where can I find these wyrms? You can find the new Wyrm boss the same way you find other wilderness bosses, by purchasing a wyrm locator from the pkp shop. The Abyssal Vine Whip has been added! The Vine Whip is stronger than the standard whip and does poison damage to your enemy! We have cleaned up the portal room a bit with the Occult Altar & Ornate rejuvenation pool! New donator ranks & benefits! We have completely revamped our donator ranks and benefits. We have added the following donator ranks: Extreme Donator - Legendary Donator - The new benefits can be seen on our wiki page, https://pylospk.fandom.com/wiki/Donator_Benefits : And here are the new donator skins in action: You can switch to them using commands if you have the correct donor rank (::redskin ::blueskin ::greenskin ::magentaskin) ~Pylos Dev Team
  4. These are the updates of 23 January 2020: Made the chaotic break message be in red text so its more noticeable Fix the maps for taverly dungeon. Summoning combat now only works in multi. Remove ankou spawn from lumbridge. Remove hint arrow for wild bosses. (caused some bugs with summoning) Updated the Discord link when using the command ::discord. Added Blood altar to Runecrafting making it the best xp/h for the skill. (requires 85 Runecrafting) Removed Orks from Slayer tasks We have a new addition to the PvM shop the Corpsethorn longbow. The bow is better than the current Dragon Staff and will be the best pvm weapon in the game. The bow has limited PvP damage, but comes with high accuracy. You can buy the Corpsethorn Longbow for 40k PvM Tokens in the PvM store. MAP CHANGES: ::skilling has been reworked to make it a bit more polished. (Please leave suggestions as what you would like to see in this zone) ::13s will now load faster. Removed the trees at ::yaks. Added a wilderness Portal Hub next to the Edgeville Bank. ~Pylos Dev Team
  5. These are the updates of 9 January 2020. -Mystery boxes will now announce Chaotic Crossbows drops in global chat. -Fixed equipping a shield when wearing a 2h weapon and no inventory space. -You can now loot impling by just clicking on them -Removed the Bandos boss from the slayer master. -Removed the shards pack from the emblem store and added to the Pk Store for 10.000 Pylos Points, -The snow has melted away 😞 -Added "Control + S" for screenshots, these will be saved inside your cache folder. -Spacebar will now skip level up dialogues. ~Vukbrah, Darkwarden
  6. These are the updates of 6/7/8 January 2020. -Nerfed zombies drop rates for pkt -Buffed TD drop rates -Fixed getting EP in funpk and the message -Fixed requiring 30 def for normal prayers (only curses now) -Added chance of getting more vote points per vote scroll claim -Made ::voted work as well as ::reward Added vote commands to ::commands -Made amulet of ranging spawnable Removed debug examine for players -Modified drop rates of almost all bosses (buffed most a bit) -Buffed mystery boxes and added new items to them (some juicy stuff in there) -Buffed magic boxes a bit -Added global message when you win ags by voting -Fixed KBD lever safespot -Removed glitchy pots from edgeville -Changed voting command so you can now use ::voted/::reward and dont need to type ::reward 1 all -Slightly nerfed wildy bosses dp/pkt -Killstreaks should now work for everybody -Removed dungeoneering requirement for max and comp until we re-release it -Slightly buffed fight pits rewards -You can now resell almost all items to dp shop, but the rate is a bit lowered -Updated ::commands -Fixed slayer gem options -Fixed making overloads with extreme potions -Added bandos to the Pkp shop for 750 Pylos Points -Fixed Black Dragon Kiteshield color -Custom sets now also save your mage and prayer books -Fixed bug where you could use prayers (usually prot item) while dying -Added ::support, ::updates, ::homepage, ::forums commands and updated ::commands -Added global loot messages for rare drops and mystery, vote boxes -Added global message for donations -Added some new items to starter kit bank (spawns) -Spacebar should now be able to skip all dialogues including level ups -Changed background login to blue theme -Fixed tds safespot -Reduced Donator points given for killing Wilderness bosses (temporarily) -Fixed a random singles zone inside of ::zombie ~Vukbrah, Darkwarden
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