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    I say its fine how it is highest donators can only get max 50% spec regeneration after kill you can also bring spec restore potions which you are able to use in wilderness every 30 seconds or you can just go get your spec back from the rejuvenation pool at home.
  2. Corporeal Beast Location Boss teleports, Corporeal Beast Teleporting here will cost you 200 Pylos points. Prayer & Hitpoints Magic prayer, Corporeal Beast can hit 59 with magic and 51 with melee. Keep your Hp 60+ and combo eat Anglerfish + Karambawn or Rocktail + Sara brew if Corporeal Beast tries to combo you. Summoning You can use Pack-yak for more supplies if you have it. Method 1 Killing Corporeal Beast with melee you need any Spear (Zamorakian Spear<Vesta's Spear< Vesta's Spear (deg)<Promethium Spear) and your best melee gear. Setup below kills take around 3 minutes. Ranging with the setup below takes around 6-8 minutes depends how lucky you get with ruby bolts (e) special attack. Use ruby bolts (e) until Corporeal Beast has 35% HP left, then switch to dragon bolts (e) and remember to use your dark bow specs. Gear & inventory Method 2 This is an easy method to kill Corporeal Beast, But it's expensive. Ring of Vigour (i) is recommended. Teleport to Corporeal Beast and use your Dark bow specs, then tele to ::edge, recharge your special attack at spec altar and then you repeat this until he's dead. I recommend getting Elite Void for good range strength, but you can do this with a cheaper setup too. With gear below kill takes around 3-4mins and i had teleport to Corporeal Beast around 15-20 times, so it will cost you around 3000-4000 Pylos points per kill. Gear & inventory Drops Thanks for reading and hopefully you find this guide helpful.
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