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  1. Fixes/tweaks/minor additions Vorkath can no longer be attacked while it's resting. This made players be able to kill the boss without taking any damage. DDS should now properly deal damage while switching weapons. Zulrah's teleports now cost 20 PvM tokens. Prayer renewals now cost 5 PvM tokens. Increased blowpipe's ranged strength. OSRS '1tick' system added. We have improved the ability to 1 tick with special attacks. We would hope to have some feedback from it. ~Pylos Dev Team
  2. We are proud to release a new boss to our game: Zulrah! Zulrah is a new boss that you can access using Zul-andra teleports. These teleports can be bought from PvM store for 50 PvM tokens each. Zulrah will also drop these scrolls commonly. All possible items you can get from Zulrah: Zulrah's scales (guaranteed drop) Toxic blowpipe Trident of the swamp Snakeling Pet Serpentine helm Other changes: Scythe gfx should now appear for all players. Changed the message when entering ::13s Fixed a double pathfinding issue with npcs - should reduce lagg a little bit. Removed wealth check when finding BH target. Npcs should no longer noclip when walking around. Donator shop 1 and PKP shop has been revamped to look nicer. Fixed the kbd ladder, players can only go down from the front. Fixed combo food after you finish a duel. Blightleaf has been replaced with a new custom gear. Players should no longer get stuck in duel. Removed animation stalling during pvm. ~Pylos Dev Team
  3. These are the updates of 7 March 2020: Tweaks and Fixes! Implemented new clipping system (noclipping should no longer work, and following should also now be properly clipped) Pk mystery box can no longer be sold back to PKP shop. Flame gloves, demonhorn necklace, dragon pickaxe, ferocious ring and promethium maul have been given values. Double XP events no longer stack with bonus skill. Dragon pickaxe mining requirement has been lowered to 61. ::szone rejuvination pool now has 5 second delay. Fixed the issue with players dcing inside pest control. Fight pits items now dissappear if smuggled outside of pits. Global moderator is now renamed to Senior moderator. ::thread should now open the forum post. PvP drops no longer appear as global drop. FSH, void and elite void now give accuracy bonuses. Special attacks no longer turn off when attacking max hit dummy. ~Pylos Dev Team
  4. These are the updates of 19 January 2020. Avatar of Destruction boss can no longer be safespotted. Leech prayers should now properly drain the opponent's stats. Dragon masks drop rates have been increased, they should no longer be announced as global drop. Some item slots and stats have been tweaked. Tormented demon overheads should now work the same way it does in RS i.e. if tds is praying protect from ranged, you cannot deal damage with ranged weapons. Fixed some invisible map issues, including the skeletal warlocks maps. Music system has been added to the client (Should be added server-sided soon) ~Development Team
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