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  1. CLUE SCROLL GUIDE To find the clue you're looking for, just search with ctrl+f. Disclaimer: This guide is a communal work-in-progress. If you'd like to contribute, please provide the appropriate picture with the exact clue description in the comments below. Thank you! Easy Clue Scroll Clue 1 : Find the Holy Statue in Falador! Face the Statue, and bow from the east! SOLUTION : Teleport to Falador, you will see the Statue North. Stand next to it and use the ‘ bow ‘ emote. Clue 2 : Face the Statue of Guthix, and bow before its power! SOLUTION : Teleport to ::mb, step-into the sparkling pool. Run North to the middle Statue, face it and use the ‘ bow ‘ emote. Clue 3 : Mozart…. Beethoven.. YOU?!? Play the Organ at the Lumbridge Church! Wear some Fancy Boots while you’re at it! SOLUTION : Teleport to Lumbridge, run East and you should see Church with the Organ. Spawn ::item 9005 1, wear them and click on the Organ to play it. Clue 4 : The Ghost of Farmer is hungry… offer him some chicken with the Amulet of Ghostspeak equipped! SOLUTION : Teleport to ::home. Spawn the following : ::item 552 1 , ::item 2140 1. Wear the Amulet and use your cooked chicken on The Ghost of Farmer. Clue 5 : Do the Jig in front of the red skull, left of the white portal at the home location! SOLUTION : Go to ::home and you will see 4 portal on your West side. Every portal has on their left side a red skull, face the red skull of the white portal and use the ‘ jig ’ emote. Clue 6 : Make a mockery of Death! Dance in front of the terrifying Grim Reaper! SOLUTION : ::item 1456 1, right click it and press locate. Stand infront of the Grim Reaper and use the ‘ dance ’ emote. Medium Clue Scroll Clue 1 : Dig at the South-most part of the Island of Chance. A furry friend will help indicate where. SOLUTION : Spawn ::item 952 1, teleport to ::dicing and run South to the Statue of the furry friend. Stand on the South side of the statue and dig with your spade. Clue 2 : You decide to take a walk in Nature, and clear your head… You get a bit sleepy… Yawn above the West-most mushroom clump. SOLUTION : Spawn ::item 1462 1, right click on it and press locate. Walk West and stand next to the most West mushroom. When you’ve done that use the ‘ yawn ‘ emote. Clue 3 : You lost some things while digging up bones in the wild… dig at the charred bones just North of the 13s room! SOLUTION : Spawn ::item 952 1 and teleport to ::13s ( make sure you have ancient spellbook equipped ). Walk North to the charred bones, stand on them and use your spade to dig. ( WARNING THIS LOCATION IS FOUND IN WILDY ) Clue 4 : Stand under the Red Dragon’s head in the Mansion, found West of the square. You can’t help but feel a sense of panic at the remains of the once powerful beast… SOLUTION : Teleport to Varrock. Walk East past the big bank and you will see a mansion with 2 Dragon’s head. Stand under the red one and use the ‘ panic ‘ emote. Clue 5 : Dig at the South-Eastern corner of the Obelisk, located North of the Multipk teleport. SOLUTION : Spawn ::item 952 1, go to ::multipk and run North. You should instantly see a obelisk. Stand on the South-Eastern corner of the obelisk and use your spade to dig. ( WARNING THIS LOCATION IS FOUND IN WILDY ) Clue 6 : You’ve lost too many stakes at the Duel Arena. Desecrate the prayer room by blowing out the candles in the North-West corner! SOLUTION : Teleport to the duel arena ( minigames section ). When you go inside past the Surgeon you should see a room with a altar. In the North-West corner stands a candle, face it and use the ‘ raspberry ‘ emote. Clue 7 : You’ve lost a dear friend. Cry just North of his coffin at Edgeville SOLUTION : Teleport to ::home and walk south ( old death spawn location ). You should see 4 coffins in a room and 1 separate coffin. Stand north of the coffin and use the ‘ cry ‘ emote.
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