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    Kill Spec

    I've been pking for a bit and I feel that you should get 100% spec restored on kill and it shouldn't be a perk you have to buy. I feel at a disadvantage when Ipk once I kill someone because my next fight they have spec and I dont. I think that it will make pking more enjoyable. If anyone disagrees/agrees please leave a comment so staff can see this post. :DDD
  2. Super Combat Potions would be a great addition to the server, I personally believe that if they are added they should be cheap and accessible, the potions would have only positive effects on pking speeding up fights and making it easier to focus on the fight instead of drinking two potions you'll drink one haha. I don't think anyone would disagree with this post either, but if you support this or don't support it please leave a comment on this thread! 😄
  3. I feel that the skill Island should be its own teleport and be available to people without donor+ rank. I'm not 100% sure of the xp rates for skilling yet, but personally I don't mind spending 6-12 hours grinding out all the skills to get a max cape. I feel that most players will agree with me on this suggestion and if not, please leave a comment on this thread!!! Thanks 😄
  4. I feel that the shop locations could be moved around edgeville a bit they are all right next to each other and they have similar names, it just feels clunky to me. I don't know if anyone else has a similar feeling, but I feel that if the shops are moved around a bit it could make the spawn location seem a bit cleaner and inviting to new players. (P.S if anyone sees this post and agrees/disagrees, please say something so the staff knows that people want this or don't want this.)
  5. Hey guys! I just got a medium scroll from voting and would like a bit of help with it cause I'm quite confused haha. Thanks
  6. Hello Pylos, I just recently joined the server and something I noticed that seemed quite odd to me was that the Vesta/ags and the Ring Of Training timers tick while you are offline on the server. I could partially understand the Vesta and or Ags is going down if I'm offline, but for players who enjoy skilling and reaching all the 99's it would be a nice addition if the Xp ring (And possibly Vesta/ags) to only tick on time while you are online the server.
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