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Ingame Updates (29/1/2020)

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These are the updates of 29 January 2020:

  • The special restore altar is now free for everyone!
  • The amount of pvm tokens bosses drop has been increased
  • ::13s has been moved to a different location
  • Super donators can now change their respawn spot for 15k pkt via ::setrespawn command
  • Corp drop table has been improved, promethium spear has been added as a rare drop
  • Corp is now weak to stab weapons (and even weaker to spears), and his other damage reduction calculations have been fixed
  • The bulwark beast recoil effect should now also be working
  • The scroll wheel has been fixed for scoreboards interface and ::nameitem
  • There's now an option to reset total xp
  • Auto retaliate saving fixed
  • Added saving for split private, brightness and mouse buttons
  • Night-gazer has been temporarily removed from wilderness bosses
  • Hill at ::yaks has been fixed
  • Server now loads last clan chat the player was in on login
  • The kbd teleport now always goes outside the gate
  • The warlocks map has been fixed
  • We now have a remember me button that will remember your user and pass next time you open client if you want it to:image.png.1dc276ad3b840fdf6e96b408113e9084.png
  • We have added a button that toggles shift-dropping (hold shift and left click on items you want to drop):


  • Our scoreboards now have an option for looking at PvP rating and KDR as well!



~Pylos Dev Team

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