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Ingame Updates (18/2/2020)

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These are the updates of 18 February 2020:

Tweaks and Fixes!

  • The toggles have been polished up.
  • image.png.8966566e72d3501a8f79f3e2dd15f36f.png
  • Fixed a glitch with the max hit dummy.
  • Hiscores now show 0 xp for combat skills
  • Added screenshots shortcut back in! (ctrl + s)
  • Fixed bug causing task amount to go to -1 in duo slayer
  • Players will now drop the value of their lost untradeables on death (in pkt)
  • Changed color and format of loot messages
  • Added a guide that provides information about fight pits minigame at ::fightpits
  • Killing someone who loses a Light Armadyl Godsword now drops an AGS, whereas the G Maul (i) will drop a pkt reward
  • Fixed an issue with the sagittarian coif
  • Examines now show the % chance to lose untradeable items
  • ::spawn interface now shows pictures of items next to them
  • Added an occult altar which provides the options to do all 3 spellbook switches:
  • The superior locator has been renamed to wilderness boss locator
  • Fixed Black Dragon Kiteshield randomly turning into the Red Dragon Kiteshield sprite.
  • image.png.27e94b3f711ba7c882e1e1a7f4d4fec9.png

New Content!

  • The Wilderness Wyrm has been released!


What are these new wyrms?

The Wilderness Wyrm acts just like the current wilderness bosses, but has a respawn time of 10 minutes after each kill. The spawn locations are different each time!

What do these wyrms drop?

The boss currently drops the following:

- Abyssal Vine Whip (more about this below)

- Flameburst Defender

- Farseer Kiteshield

- Eagle-Eye Kiteshield

- 80 to 110 PvM tokens

Where can I find these wyrms?

You can find the new Wyrm boss the same way you find other wilderness bosses, by purchasing a wyrm locator from the pkp shop.



  • The Abyssal Vine Whip has been added!


           The Vine Whip is stronger than the standard whip and does poison damage to your enemy!


  • We have cleaned up the portal room a bit with the Occult Altar & Ornate rejuvenation pool!



New donator ranks & benefits!

We have completely revamped our donator ranks and benefits.

We have added the following donator ranks:

Extreme Donator - image.png.5e65bf063cd0d25c68e66016d367e5fc.png

Legendary Donator - image.png.07ffc37f2dce8a8438e149a04ab4c8d4.png

The new benefits can be seen on our wiki page, https://pylospk.fandom.com/wiki/Donator_Benefits :


And here are the new donator skins in action:


You can switch to them using commands if you have the correct donor rank (::redskin ::blueskin ::greenskin ::magentaskin)

~Pylos Dev Team

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