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Ingame Updates (7/3/2020)

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These are the updates of 7 March 2020:

Tweaks and Fixes!

  • Implemented new clipping system (noclipping should no longer work, and following should also now be properly clipped)
  • Pk mystery box can no longer be sold back to PKP shop.
  • Flame gloves, demonhorn necklace, dragon pickaxe, ferocious ring and promethium maul have been given values.
  • Double XP events no longer stack with bonus skill.
  • Dragon pickaxe mining requirement has been lowered to 61.
  • ::szone rejuvination pool now has 5 second delay.
  • Fixed the issue with players dcing inside pest control.
  • Fight pits items now dissappear if smuggled outside of pits.
  • Global moderator is now renamed to Senior moderator.
  • ::thread should now open the forum post.
  • PvP drops no longer appear as global drop.
  • FSH, void and elite void now give accuracy bonuses.
  • Special attacks no longer turn off when attacking max hit dummy.

~Pylos Dev Team

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