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Update 12/3/2020 - Pets, Dicing, PvM Gear, and more

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We've got a fairly big update today, we're introducing Pets, Dicing, and new PvM gear, along with some other changes.

  • Dicing is here! Ranked members can now host dice game in their own clan chats.
    • To purchase a rank, you can take 3 routes;
      • $250 bitcoin or litecoin
      • $250 worth of RSGP
      • $250 worth of Donation Scrolls
    • To purchase the Dicer rank, please contact either myself or Jorik. You can view the rules here.
    • The new dicer zone is located on Evil Bob's island. It is not necessary that you dice here, but it is recommended.


  • Pets!
    • We have added several pets into the game. You can obtain them via PvM or skilling. The following list of pets is;
      • Baby Mole - kill giant mole
      • Pet Chaos Elemental - kill chaos elemental
      • Corporeal Critter - kill corporeal beast
      • Prince Black Dragon - kill the kbd
      • Tzrek-jad - complete fightpits games
      • Beaver - obtain via woodcutting
      • Heron - obtain via fishing
      • Rift guardian - obtain via runecrafting
      • Rock golem - obtain via mining
      • Rocky - obtain via theiving
      • Tangleroot - obtain via farming
    • Currently pets are autokeep, but in a future update (soon) we will be adding insurance that you must buy in order to reclaim your pet when you die.


  • Blightleaf armour is a special type (and expensive) PvM armour that reduces your damage taken from PvM monsters. This will help out keeping yourself alive, especially against the tougher bosses! It will not have any PvP bonuses. 
    • In total the armour absorbs 25% melee, range, and magic attacks from PvM monsters. The price scales with the bonus, which depends on the piece. 
    • The Top/Bottom will provide a 7% reduction, Hood will provide a 5% reduction, Gloves/Boots will provide a 3% reduction.
    • It has range, melee, and magic boosts, and is slightly weaker than a "combo" nex set
    • ePbRhPp.png


Misc Changes:

  • Super Donator Zone has been swapped with legendary donator zone:
    • Super Donator Zone now contains the lair for all of the slayer NPC's... the top floor is empty, and something new will be added shortly.
    • The Legendary Donator zone now contains the lair containing Tormented Demons. A new boss will be added shortly.
  • Max hit with mage now works on Max Hit dummy.
  • Rejuvenation pool now clears your poison
  • Pathfinding has been improved and will be continued to be worked on
  • P1h, Pmaul (1h), some other rares have been added.

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