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Update 30/3/2020 - Zulrah!

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We are proud to release a new boss to our game: Zulrah!


Zulrah is a new boss that you can access using Zul-andra teleports. These teleports can be bought from PvM store for 50 PvM tokens each. Zulrah will also drop these scrolls commonly.

All possible items you can get from Zulrah:

  1. Zulrah's scales (guaranteed drop)
  2. Toxic blowpipe
  3. Trident of the swamp
  4. Snakeling Pet
  5. Serpentine helm


Other changes:

  • Scythe gfx should now appear for all players.
  • Changed the message when entering ::13s
  • Fixed a double pathfinding issue with npcs - should reduce lagg a little bit.
  • Removed wealth check when finding BH target.
  • Npcs should no longer noclip when walking around.
  • Donator shop 1 and PKP shop has been revamped to look nicer.
  • Fixed the kbd ladder, players can only go down from the front.
  • Fixed combo food after you finish a duel.
  • Blightleaf has been replaced with a new custom gear.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in duel.
  • Removed animation stalling during pvm.

~Pylos Dev Team

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