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Update 5/4/2020 - Vorkath, Dragon hunter lance and more

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After zulrah, today we are excited to announce that another boss has become available on pylos! Vorkath has descended to his lair, and is accessible for FREE via the boss teleports interface or the command ::vorkath.


This is a new and challenging boss that's not easy to do and has a high skill cap. It offers some great drops as well as high amounts of guaranteed pvm tokens. Some attacks were made easier, and some harder in this pylos adaptation of the boss. We hope you enjoy it 🙂


These are the drops you can get at vorkath:

  1. Dragon hunter lance - one of the best items for melee pvm in general and BIS for killing dragons as it has a 20% bonus in damage and accuracy when attacking them
  2. Dragonfire ward - BIS range shield that protects from dragonfire and has the dfs special attack
  3. Ava's assembler - 2nd best range cape (only after completionist cape), has ava's effect
  4. Vorki pet - one cute boi
  5. Pvm tokens, pk tickets, mystery boxes


Other changes:

  • We have made big changes to our pathfinding that should resolve some issues players had in the past mostly with following, attacking and even lag. It is still a WIP so report any issues you still have and we will work on them.
  • You can now leave longer messages in public chat and they will be split into 2 lines, like on rs3.
  • image.png.2cf16d79a859db3210c0df4b62e5d9a3.png
  • You will no longer be invisible after relogging
  • You will no longer be able to use your melee special attacks vs diagonal targets while frozen
  • Clicking on the ground to stop attacking will now work when you are frozen
  • Zulrah teleports now cost 1 vote point each
  • Overloads are back in dp shop for 3 donor points each
  • Promethium maul speed has been fixed
  • Fix lots of animations for various slayer NPCs!
  • RDK and BDK now protect the player from dragonfire
  • Conqueror naming issue resolved
  • Fixed some of our gfx loading
  • Removed some unused NPCs
  • Resolve some Zulrah issues
  • Fix lava wyrms and wildywyrms not being attackable with mage
  • Resolve duel arena issues
  • Zombies amount and drops have been readjusted
  • Serpentine helmet now makes you immune to poison
  • Fixed an issue with autocasting trident

~Pylos Dev Team

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