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In-Game Rules

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Yell Mute 

  • Flaming over yell, of any kind. This is considered spam, and we do not want this. This includes being racist, threatening users, etc. Not tolerated.
  • Causing arguments over yell - this is spam. e.g. Baiting other people, etc. Do that in PM's.
  • Spamming over yell (in example if everyone starts spamming something on yell - do not join in, you might be the one that gets punished for it)
  • Not listening to staff requests over yell (in example if staff tells you to stop yelling or x will happen, do not be mad if x happens)
  • Luring over yell


  • Flaming is generally O.K. - but it has restrictions: we do not tolerate racism, ddos threats, or dox threats. If someone is flaming you put them on your ignore list, or report them on the forums if it violates one of the rules! That being said, creating new accounts to harass a user who is trying to ignore you will result in a IP/MAC punishment.
  • Spamming - keep auto-typers to at least 10 seconds - regional players don't change every 0.5seconds...
  • Threatening other users. Threats can also be bans if they are more realistic (i.e. there are out of the blue threats for no reason, but there are threats that are substantiated). Something like "stfu nice net" is a mute, whereas "I have your ip, I'm going to ddos you" and then continuing the aggravation will most definately result in a ban. DO NOT THREATEN STAFF MEMBERS OR IT WILL BE AN INSTANT, PERMANENT BAN


  • Standing on other people's fights in the wilderness. This does not apply to deep wilderness pking/Nhing, as this is a valuable clan strategy. A good rule of thumb; do not stand/run on other peoples fights if you are in level 10 wild or below/13s.
  • Being in the duel arena for purposes not related to dueling your opponent (or watching someone else duel - but in that case STAY AWAY FROM OTHER FIGHTS)
  • "Trolling" drop party's or host fake giveaways, or excessive trolling such as running through or standing on fights in the wildy.
  • Do not abuse the request help system. Provide a real title and a real reason.
  • Rushing people at ::13s, this includes but is not limited to.. dh bombing, barrage to ags, cmaul to gmaul... people are still allowed to *3x claw spec and tele, but at the time when both people are aware they are in the fight (afking doesn't count - if you're afk, your loss)
  • Ragging people at ::13s, of any kind. This is up to the staff to determine whether or not you are ragging. 
  • Boosting PKP, KDR, or elo rating - this will result in a total wipe of your KDR, ELO, etc. You will be warned once for this.
  • Noclipping
  • Stall/Delay rushing, e.g. veng, turmoil, altar, emote, etc.
  • Safespotting monsters (TDS, KBD, AOD) in ANY way (Outside Wilderness)
  • Half killing monsters in single combat zones (Barrelchests/TDs/Strykwyrms etc) - this is considered excessive trolling.
  • Multilogging in the wilderness - this is an unfair advantage. This extends to any possibility where you have two accounts in the wilderness at a given time.
  • Multilogging in the Fightpits minigame - This is an unfair advantage. Any Sacred Clay items won by a player using more than one account will be removed.
  • Xlogging - Closing your client in wilderness to force logout to prevent death will result in a jail.


  • You are not allowed to bug abuse/exploit glitches unless you are showing a staff member
  • Advertising other servers - you will be swiftly and permanently banned.
  • RWTing - permanently banned, on all accounts.
  • Buying/selling accounts
  • Using a modified client
  • Buying/selling runescape gp (unless they are a RSGP manager, @Jorik or @sean )
  • Macroing - this includes AFK skilling WITH an autotyper/clicker
  • Scamming - Leading someone to believe to receive something when they don't. EXAMPLES - passing off fake items, bugging in a stake, rule *switching,"doubling pkt"
  • DDoSing or hacking users - you will be permanently banned on all accounts.
  • Impersonating staff 
  • Faking report evidence - you will be banned on all accounts for a long time
  • Multivoting - your account will be banned and items wiped from all accounts


We will do refunds for bugs caused by the server (not self-made rules or agreements made between players) if proof is provided. In the event of a DDoS attack, it becomes impossible to try and right all wrongs, but with the new systems in place people shouldn't lose any items. We will not do refunds for scams or hacks.

  • Scams
    • We are not in charge of double checking rules or trades for you, and we will not refund the items.
  • Hacks
    • Faking hacks to RWT
    • Things along these lines, as well as the information provided for scams.
    • Hacking player accounts

It will take too much time to properly verify these (or it can be impossible to verify them) - so they will not be done.


  • If you account share and your account is taken by one of the users - it will not be recovered. In an account sharing situation no one has clear possession of an account, and if one person back-stabs another - then its too bad. Account share at your own risk, and don't waste anyone's time with it. If someone that you share your account with is punished - too bad. Simply - you are liable for your own account, not us!
  • ^This does NOT MEAN you can buy/sell accounts.
  • Under this, do not buy/sell account services (in which you willingly give over ownership of your account)
  • Don't abuse the recovery system - trying to recover an account that isn't yours

You punishments will escalate as you continue breaking rules. If you are punished on your main account, and break more rules on an alternate account, the punishments will extend to IP/MAC punishments.

Punishment evading will result in harsher punishments. If you are not "IP" or "Mac" punished, then you are allowed to play on a separate account... don't play on a separate account to cause trouble - otherwise it will become an IP or Mac punishment.

If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, but it is not expressly stated in the rules, expect to be punished if you ignore them. Staff have the power to make that decision. 

In general, you can expect your punishments to progress as such;

  • First Offence [12h]
  • Second Offence [24h]
  • Third Offence [72h]
  • Fourth Offence [Perm]

However, this is just a guide and may change depending on the severity of the crime (e.g. hacking another user will result in an immediate and permanent ban)

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