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Dicing Rules

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There are the following dice games that are allowed on Pylos.

Key Notes:

  • When referencing the "player rolling", this refers to the dicer rolling on behalf of the player as the players turn.
  • Ties automatically go in favour of the host (the dicer - the house always wins)
  • All bets must be confirmed in clan chat - this includes bet amount, game mode, and who is betting.
    • e.g. 351ebca91ab67c689299f6cb246599d6.png
  • If you are not able to pay the items back (e.g. if someone is betting claws, and you don't have a pair) you must sort out the prize pool before the bet takes place.
  • If you are a legitimate dicer, it would be wise to record your sessions in case of scam report. If you do not confirm properly, or break the rules of the game, you must forfeit. 


Game Modes

The objective for both the dicer and the player is to get as close to 100 without going over. In blackjack, the player rolls first. The player may stop when they are confident with their number. Consecutive rolls are added together. If the player goes over 100, they automatically lose. The dicer then rolls, and has to beat the player without going over 100. If the dicer goes over 100, the player wins. If the dicer gets closer to 100, the dicer wins.

55x2, 65x3, 75x4, or variations
This game mode is up to the dicer. The logic is simple; for 55x2, if the player rolls above a 55, they receive x2 of their bet (either in item, or respective value form. This must be agreed upon before hand, and confirmed in the clan chat). The target number/odds/multiplier can be changed by the dicer.

Bo3, Bo5, Bo7, etc.
This game mode involves the player rolling, and the dicer rolling. The objective is to get the higher number. For example, the player rolls a 50, the dicer must get above 49 (as 50 = tie = dicer win). If someone wins 2/3, 3/5, 5/7, etc (majority of overall games) they win the prize pool.

Dice Duel
Same as bo3/bo5/etc except both dicers roll for themselves. Get a mod to middleman if you aren't recording.

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