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Rank Requirements

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Rank(s) you are requesting:
Picture of proof (show yourself in-game with that rank, or show a pic that shows you fit the criteria):


Ranks you can request:

  •  bUSigOK.png YouTuber - Must have the YouTuber rank in-game, granted by an Administrator+. 
  • MV4KobE.pngLegendary Donator - Donate $250 and have legendary donator rank in-game.
    • You can also request your own custom name image here, by linking an image such as the following: YinAknC.png
    • It will look like this: https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/8b47410f21fcc3abd7d2b1a95e96fea0-png.jpg
    • This is only available for Legendary Donators+ (or special exceptions, but they will not need to request it).
    • Image must match the sample image in height (roughly), length cannot be too long.
  •  FcWH1C8.pngExtreme DonatorDonate $100 and have the extreme donator rank in-game.
  • 4oOVVgB.pngSuper Donator - Donate $50 and have the super donator rank in-game.
  •  0Z4Bklo.pngDonator - Donate $20 and have the donator rank in-game.
  •  Bug Finder - Submit at least 3 bug report threads. Please link the threads.
  •  Completionist - Have the completionist cape in-game.
  •  Maxed - Have the max cape in-game.
  •  Pro Pker - Have an ELO of 1800+ in-game.


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