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Update 4/5/2020 - Wildy Events & More!

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New website!

Wildy Events

  • Wildy events will now start automatically every 1 hour. They will not interfere with regular server minigames (KBD event, corp event, etc). 
  • There are 4 types of wildy events, which each can occur randomly at 4 separate locations. They will each last for 10 minutes before automatically despawning. The events are;
    • Ancient Tree
      • An ancient, powerful tree is spawned randomly at 4 set locations in the wilderness. You need 92 woodcutting to cut the tree. It is the best Woodcutting experience in-game.
      • The Ancient Tree Logs are stackable, and can be sold to the BM Shop for 50 BM per log.
      • Alternatively, they can be used for Firemaking. You need 92 firemaking, and they are the best Firemaking exp in-game.
      • When cutting, you have a small chance of finding a Bird's Nest, which will give you a Hard/Elite clue scroll.
      • Additionally, you have a higher chance of receiving the woodcutting pet (Beaver) from chopping the tree.
    • Meteorite
      • A meteorite has crash landed in Pylos! You'll need 92 Mining to mine the rock, and you'll be rewarded with Stardust. It is the best Mining xp in-game.
      • You can sell the Stardust to the BM shop for 25 BM per Stardust.
    • Bandit Camp
      • The bandits have made camp somewhere in the wilderness! You'll need 92 Thieving to steal from their stalls, and you better kill them first! It is the best thieving/hour exp in-game.
      • You'll be rewarded with Blood Diamonds, which can be swapped for BM at the BM store for 15 BM per diamond.
      • Additionally, you have a higher chance of receiving the Thieving pet (Raccoon) from stealing from these stalls.
    • Imp Cluster
      • A cluster of imps has been spotted! Imps of all levels (Baby -> Kingly) will spawn at several locations.
      • They will be on the move! They will all move as a cluster to several locations - specifically, more dangerous ones (deeper wildy, multi zones)... so get there quick!
  • (to sell to BM store, simply use the item on Mandrith)

Other Changes

  • You can now fish rocktails in the Wilderness, North-East of the Mid Wilderness teleport. They require 92 fishing to catch, and you can catch them with a simple rod/bait.
  • You can now cook said rocktails. You need 92 cooking to cook them. They are the best fishing/cooking experience in-game.
  • Rocktails have been removed from the Pkp Shop and replaced with Anglerfish.
  • Rocktails will be replaced in your banks/inventories/item pre-sets with Anglerfish.
  • Anglerfish have been added! We've changed the go-to food to Anglers so that we can add the extra element of rocktail healing. Anglerfish will heal 23 hp, and Rocktails will heal 24. 
  • Clue Scroll drop tables have been reworked so that items that should be more rare are. 
  • Zulrah Items make your opponent poisoned/venomed
  • Zulrah now drops magic fangs! You can use it on staff of the dead to make a toxic staff of the dead.
  • Zulrah items can now be uncharged.
  • Duel Arena now has a preload option
  • Added anti-scam system to Duel arena
  • You will now see your opponents equpiment on the first duel screen. His inventory will be shown during the second, confirmation screen at the duel arena.
  • You will no longer be able to follow people while in the duel arena.
  • Issues related to not being able to catch imps sometimes should be fixed.
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i love that we're making skilling worth doing instead of just worthless grinds to get max cape. excited to try the wildy events (and 100% farm every skiller there for their elo)

duel arena updates are great

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