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Update 13/5/2020 - Weapon Balances, Spirit Shield Changes

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Weapon Changes

  • Ancient staff (+15 accuracy, no str, new standard spawnable staff instead of master wand)
  • Master wand (lower to +19 accuracy from +20, increased to 6% mage damage and has replaced the SOL in pkp shop, barrelchest and is unspawnable)
  • Zuriel's staff (increase to +21 accuracy from +18, mage bonus 9%)
  • Chaotic staff (increase to +23 accuracy from +18, decrease mage str to 12% from 20%)
  • Cele staff (increase to +24 accuracy from +20, increase mage str to 13% from 10%)
  • Staff of the dead (increase to +27 accuracy from +23, increase mage str to 16% from 15%)
  • Staff of light (increase to +29 accuracy from +17, increase mage str to 16% from 15% and HAS BEEN PLACED IN VOTE SHOP FOR 200 VOTE POINTS)
  • Toxic staff of the dead (increase to +31 accuracy from +28, decrease mage str to 16% from 20%)
  • Penguin staff (increase to +35 accuracy from +33, decrease mage str to 21% from 24%, remove freeze increase, HAS BEEN PLACED IN BM SHOP FOR 1.5M BM)
  • Sacred clay staff (keep +40 accuracy, decrease mage str to 20% from 25%)
  • The dragon staff's magic damage versus players has been nerfed to 17% from 24%.
  • Stab weapons now also have an 37.5% accuracy boost, while spears have a 100% accuracy boost versus corp.
  • The damage boost for spears on corp has been slightly increased. Spears should now be a good option for doing corp.
  • Vesta's Spear and Promethium Spear have had a +4/+3 strength boost (respectively).
  • Primal dagger (p++) has been buffed.
  • VLS price is now 5k PKT in the Shop
  • VLS/VLS (deg) are now more rare to get from revs, pvp chest, pk mbox, etc and will be removed from player inventories/pkp refunded
  • Vesta (deg) platelegs can now also be received from revs.
  • The top 3 PvM weapons have been heavily rebalanced and fixed. The scythe will now properly have 100% potential damage on first hit, 50% of max on second, and 25% on third, lowering its max damage, but with increased accuracy to balance it. The corpsethorn bow has undergone minor changes, and the dragon staff has been nerfed as it was the strongest of the 3, which it was never meant to be.
  • Nex Helms have been removed from honor shop and been re-added to the Donator Store (honor points will be semi-refunded to reflect that they're untradeable, and that multiples in groups of 5+ are basically useless)
  • Spirit shields have been tweaked balance-wise, prices have been increased and the drop rates reduced. We saw that too many people were camping divine in deep wild, which was quite easy to obtain before. Now, if a player chooses to Pk with a divine, they are risking quite a bit more.
  • Zanik's Bow has been nerfed regarding how much special it uses for its attack (now takes 55% spec). It's max damage has been slightly reduced for its spec and the spec accuracy has been lowered. Its regular max hit has also been slightly lowered. It's price in the BM store has also been reduced to 310k.
  • Dragon Hunter Crossbow and FSH damage bonuses have been re-done so that the max hit won't go over 1000 during ruby bolt specs.
  • The dragon hunter crossbow has had its accuracy increased by 5.
  • Farseer has had its effects removed.
  • Magic Staffs (Master Wand, SOL, etc) have undergone major changes. The SOL is now an expensive item in the Vote Shop, while the Master Wand is a cheaper item (now unspawnable, but with proper bonuses) in the Pk Shop.

PvP Task Streaks

  • PvP Task streaks are here! Every 3rd task you complete in a row (3rd, 6th, 9th, etc) will grant you an extra PvP key. 
  • Starting at 15 task streak, every task you complete will give you a chance at a high-tier loot table (claws, ags, korasi, hard clues)
  • If you die ANYWHERE (except to an NPC of course) while you have a task assigned, you will LOSE your streak.
  • You can check your task streak by talking to the pvp task master at edgeville

Clue Scroll Changes

  • We felt that elite clues were too easy given the good reward possibilities. From now on, some elite clues will spawn a boss that you must kill before you get your next step/the prize. Additionally, there have been changes to the requirements for a few clues to reflect their "Elite" status (e.g. skill requirements).
  • Clue scroll droptables have been changed regarding spirit shields to reflect the changes, as shown above.

Misc Changes

  • Chaos ele added to boss event
  • KBD event now takes you to outside gate, instead of directly inside the lair - this means that there will be a small window of risk for anyone who wants to go to the KBD event in max gear
  • Added a Double BM event that will circulate with the other events - when this is active, you will receive double bm anywhere in wild, but the teleport will take you to edgeville
  • Removed OSPK/PurePk events as they were basically useless
  • Venom now works the same way as in OSRS. You can get 10 noted anti-venom potions from Zulrah.
  • You can now mine the meteorite/chop the ancient tree without an extra free slot in inventory
  • Spiderwebs are now global objects (e.g. if Player cuts, Player will see they are cut) - they will now last for 5 minutes slashed
  • PvP key, Ancient Logs, Blood Diamonds, Stardust will not be protected over anything - they're effectively autolose in large quantities
  • The amount of pk points you get per kill has been slightly buffed (base 10 --> base 12)
  • Fixed typos within the code
  • Gmaul imbue kit now costs 25 vote points to reflect the fact that you use 2x spec's per gmaul use, and thus it drains twice as fast.
  • Skill Bonuses for Donator ranks have been adjusted,
    • Donators - 1.00% (previously) --> 1.03%
    • Super Donators - 1.03% (previously) --> 1.06%
    • Extreme Donators - 1.06% (previously) --> 1.09%
    • Legendary Donators - 1.09% (previously) --> 1.12%
  • Upgrading to legendary rank now automatically gives you untradeable cosmetic gear in your bank - CURRENT LEGENDARY DONATORS, DM A STAFF MEMBER TO GET YOUR SET
  • Baby mole pet has been added to Giant Moles (its only drop for now - more will be added soon, as soon as we implement the base content)
  • Spec Pots/PvP Chance from Wildy Event Bandit Camp Stall has been lowered to 10%/1%, respectively. The amount of spec pots has also been reduced (1-3 to 1-2).
  • ::nameitem been fixed so that it shows newer items (most helpful for devs)
  • Night-Gazer has been fixed and re-added to the Wilderness Boss spawns.
  • The ::empty warning removal option will now also empty the inventory as well (and the message was changed to reflect that)
  • An issue regarding dragon bolt (e) specs has been fixed.
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