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Welcome to Pylos!

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Hello, and welcome to Pylos! This thread will serve as a starter guide - you can find several guides and tutorials here. Let's begin!


What is Pylos?
Pylos is a Spawn/Economy server. This means that while most items are spawnable, we have a lot of content that is unspawnable and thus has value. As it is a Pking server, most of our content is focused around the Wilderness, and Edgeville in particular. With item presets, you can be geared and ready to PK in your favourite gear in just seconds! While we are a Pking server, we have plenty of other content; with 22 other skills, and tons of bosses, there is content for everyone. We have a fully working OSRS loaded wilderness while loading higher revision, unique graphics.

On Pylos, we have 3 main currencies - Pk Tickets, Donator Points, and Blood Money. Pk Tickets are linked to Pk Points, which you will receive from skilling, pking, and pvming. Donator points are linked to the donator shop, and can be obtained via donating or pvming (or pking someone with donator items). Blood Money is only linked to the Wilderness, and can be obtained via Pking, PvP Tasks, or by participating in the Wilderness Events!

We have a great quest for new players to complete and get upgraded PvP gear - simply watch the video below for a guide, from Account Creation all the way to the end of the quest!

How can I make money?
There are several money making methods on Pylos! By doing Wilderness Events to collect Blood Money, Pking and grabbing some loot, PvM for a chance at a good drop, grinding out Clue Scrolls, or even finishing the Achievement journal to name a few! Of course we also have a fully working duel arena, and our own dicing system! Let's break down the methods now!


    • On Pylos, clue scrolls are probably the easiest way for new players to gain money, as they are free to obtain (by just doing ::vote!)
    • We also sell clue scrolls in the vote shop. This is probably the easiest way that new players can make money, since voting is free. Simply type ::vote in-game to begin! When you claim your vote in-game (once every 12h), you automatically get a chance to win a clue scroll! There is a 50% chance of it being an Easy scroll, 30% chance of it being a Medium scroll, a 15% of it being a Hard scroll, and a 5% chance of it being an Elite scroll!
    • The Vote Shop is located at ::home!
    • As the only way to obtain elite clue scrolls are via voting, the vote scrolls themselves are in high demand! You can sell them to other players very easily!
  • Wilderness Events!
    • On Pylos, every hour we have a different server event. There are 3 wilderness events, and then either a PvM event or a Pking event. There are 4 types of wilderness events; Imp Clusters, Ancient Tree, Meteorite, and Bandit Camp.
      • The Imp Cluster event spawns in a cluster of imps, and a global message is sent out, alerting everyone on the server a hint at their location. While you won't directly receive Blood Money from catching the imps, it is a great place to go Pk!
      • The Ancient Tree will spawn a tree somewhere in the wilderness! You'll need 92 Woodcutting to chop it down, so before you go make sure to check out the Wiki Guide for Woodcutting here! When you chop the tree, you'll receive Ancient Logs, which you can Right Click > Use on Blood Money Shop at ::home in exchange for BM. WARNING! If you die with the logs, most likely you will lose them, as they do not have a high protect item value!
      • The Meteorite will crash land at several locations in the wilderness. You need 92 Mining to mine it, so make sure to check out the Wiki Guide for Mining here! Mining the Meteorite will give you stardust, which like Ancient Logs, can be traded for BM at the Blood Money Shop at ::home. As with the logs, if you die with the stardust you will lose it.
      • The bandits will make camp at a random location in the wilderness, and a Bandit Camp will appear! You need 92 thieving to steal from their stalls, so make sure to check out the Wiki Guide for Thieving Here! You will steal Blood Diamonds from them, which can be converted into BM at the Blood Money shop. Additionally, you have a chance to steal PvP keys, which can be used on the PvP Chest at ::home!
      • The wilderness events are a great place for newer players to start collecting some Blood Money, or even to go there as a Pker and kill some people!
  • PvM!
  • Achievements!
    • By completing the achievement diary, not only will you be progressing in other parts of the game, but you will also earn rewards! You can check out the rewards by looking at the Achievement Wiki here!
    • You can also find full guides for each achievement by clicking on the individual achievement!
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  • PvP!
    • While Pking in itself isn't a guaranteed method of making money, you can do something else - PvP Tasks!
    • On Pylos, our PvP Task Master is located at the wilderness border at Edgeville. By talking to him, he will give you a PvP task; either killing edgeville pkers, hybrids, deep wildy pkers, or your Bounty Hunter targets (make sure to have Bounty Hunter enabled!). 
    • When you finish a task, a PvP key will be dropped! You can use this key on the chest at ::home
    • By completing PvP tasks, you will begin your task streak. For every 3rd task you complete in a row, you will get an extra PvP key!
    • If you choose to reset your task, your task streak will also be reset (and it will cost you 2,500 BM - you can talk to the PvP Task Master if you want to reset your streak!)
    • We also have Pk Bots! We've made them quite difficult - so only fight one if you're confident! You have a solid chance of smiting whatever randomly spawned spec weapon they're using (vls, ags, etc), so it can be a money making method, but it is not really reliable.
  • Skilling!
    • Certain skills will give you an opportunity to make money, e.g. looting jars from Hunter has a chance at super rare items!
    • Additionally, leveling up in skills will give you Donator Points!


How do I spawn items?
As previously mentioned, we're a spawn-eco server! This means that you can spawn most items. There are two options; one using our spawn interface, and the other with our item command! To open the Spawn interface, simply type ::spawn! You can then search for an item, edit the amount, and spawn it in.

If that does not work, you can go to http://www.itemdb.biz/ , search for an Item code, then type "::item (code) (amount)" in-game.

If you're a newer player and looking for a quick-gear for Edge pking, head to the Blue Quest Tab, navigate to the Green minitab, scroll down and select Dharok from the pking gear.

Week 1 - Off to the Races
We have two categories - one is for new players (Accounts created ON June 1st or after), and one for ALL players to participate

New Player Challenges
1. Max Cape - 
the first new player to get the Max Cape will receive $50 in donator scrolls, the second gets $20 scroll and the third gets dragon claws
2. 100 Kill Count - the first new player to get 100 kills will receive a Nex set set of their choice
3. Blood Money - the first new player to collect 100k blood money will receive a $20 donator scroll
4. Clue Hunter - the first person to complete 5 elite clue scrolls will receive dragon claws

All Player Challenges
1. Easy Achievement Hunter - 
the first person to complete all Easy achievements will receive a $10 donator scroll
2. Medium Achievement Hunter - the first person to complete all Medium achievements will receive a $20 donator scroll
3. Hard Achievement Hunter - the first player to complete all Hard achievements will receive a $50 donator scroll
4. Elite Achievement Hunter - the first player to complete all Elite achievements will receive a $100 donator scroll
5. Top Voter - top voter at the end of June will receive a $50 donator scroll, the second voter will get $20 and the third voter will get dragon claws

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