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Update 1/6/2020 - Achievements, Wilderness Changes, and more!

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Update Log


Pk Bots

  • For new players looking for some practice/when the playercount is a bit low, we've added Pk Bots! They will be equipped in dharoks and will have a random spec weapon.
  • Players have a small chance of smiting the spec weapon that the bot chooses to use. They will also drop blood money every time.
  • Fighting and dying/killing the NPC will have the same effect as dying to a player in regards to skulling/loss of items.

Wilderness Updates

  • We've converted our wilderness to loading OSRS maps. This means that the maps look a lot cleaner, are a lot more functional, and have a lot more content. Included in this is;
    • Wildy Resource Area - you can enter the wildy resource area for a fee of 2,500. You can use the lever just south of the home teleport to get there. Inside, all skills are x2 exp.
    • There is now mining outside mage bank as well, if you do not wish to enter the resource area.
    • You can also find Runite rocks at the Ice Strykewryms.

Misc Updates (a lot)

  • Clue bosses have been reworked, should no longer run away/permanently bug out and despawn.
  • Fixed a bug where not all the greater demons would count towards slayer task.
  • A bug with charm duping has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with rocktails/anglerfish.
  • Anti-venom now gives poison immunity for 12 minutes, 45 seconds venom immunity.
  • Some server messages have been fixed.
  • Herbs are non-stackable. We didn't like how herblore was able to be autoclicked.
  • Anti-venoms are now combineable. 
  • Removed tree stump at multipk that made you un-attackable.
  • Rune pouch can now store soul runes.
  • Fixed some clan chat issues, namely you cannot ban yourself from your own clan chat anymore.
  • PvP task streaks have been re-written. Now, every 3rd task you complete you will get an extra reward. The only way to lose a task streak is if you manually reset your task.
  • The new players quest has been re-written a bit to make it easier to understand/complete.
  • Gates/doors have been rewritten, and can now be redone much more efficiently. We think we've changed most of them, but if you find a buggy door please report it to a staff member.
  • The command ::tbrunes has been added to spawn teleblock runes.
  • KBD Ladder, Mage Bank stairs have been redone so that they work better.
  • Clipping in the new OSRS maps has been redone.
  • Achievement Tab has been added + scroll length changed.
  • Edgeville has been changed again to make it look better. The Altar of Infusion is now located East of the bank.
  • Re-wrote a load of achievements to make them more fresh.
  • Cooking bug has been fixed regarding burnt fish.
  • Chaos Ele drop table has been slightly tweaked - the pet is a lot more rare, and PvP drops (Morrigans Javs/Axes) are a lot more common.
  • Bandos is now 1 vote point per piece instead of 20.
  • Magic fang is now tradeable.
  • Wilderness Agility course has been redone, along with a lot of dungeon obstacles/objects.
  • New timer sprites will now show timers for things like vengeance, freeze, teleblock, with more being added soon.
  • The Fountain of Rune has been updated to show the proper animation - still working on the texture.
  • Webs have been redone and fixed.
  • Rocktail fishing has been added to the resource area - it is still in the other location, but a "Noted" NPC will soon appear in the resource area, making that the best location for the skilling.
  • Fixed bugs with the wildy events objects
  • Fixed a bug with the duel arena
  • Some animations have been changed so that they look better/match OSRS
  • Ankous and Hobgoblins have been added to the wildy to match OSRS
  • Noted overloads will now be dropped by bosses.
  • Several player emotes including Skillcape emotes have been added.
  • Dungeon maps have been redone (Brimhaven, Taverly, etc)
  • Fixed ad updated some clue scroll coordinates to reflect the new map changes.
  • Vote counter has been fixed.
  • New players quest has had a lot of work done to ensure that progress is saved properly.
  • Ardy lever to the resource area now works, but there is one at edgeville for convenience.
  • Tournament room added to edge, along with tournament portal - more on this later.
  • ::nitem has been added, as a shortcut to ::nameitem
  • Several NPC animations have been fixed
  • Vesta/Stat price has been adjusted. The drop rate has now been reduced at revs. We wanted to make vesta/stat more valuable than it currently is.
  • A lot of spawning keywords have been added.
  • Manta ray drops from bosses have been reduced, and now appear below other drops - should no longer have to go digging for your loot.
  • Hellhounds added to outside wilderness resource area.
  • An Honour Cape has been added to the Honour shop. It costs a lot of honour points, and has the same stats as max cape. 
  • Max Cape ELO requirement raised to 1600.
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