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Update 10/6/2020 - Bug Fixes & Client Fixes

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Update Log

Client Changes

  • Most interfaces have been re-enabled temporarily while we investigate the issues surrounding client issues. We've done an extensive cache change that we believe will fix any and all issues surrounding the issues. If you have any sort of client errors, PLEASE report them to us, and we will do our best to fix them.
  • Some models have been fixed



  • Vorkath now drops hard clue scrolls
  • New global announcement for when a player votes
  • Strength bonus of the Slayer Helmet and the Full Slayer Helmet has been reduced to +4
  • ::pc command now takes you to pest control
  • Only Vesta (deg) item drops will show on yell from Revenants
  • A man has been added to ::home, as well as to Falador Square for thieving training
  • Message has been added telling new players who haven't started the Beginners Quest to do so
  • NPC has been added to the resource zone, allowing you to note your items on him - please note that currently only ROCKTAILS can be noted, but this can be extended (ONLY to the resources obtained in the wilderness zone).
  • Rocktail fishing experience has been increased by 50%.
  • Adze will now announce on discord when the server boost from voting begins.
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